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"We may not offer the latest in check protection equipment and accessories, but the safest and most secure."

“Nowadays, people have chosen the ease and convenience in laser printed checks, as opposed to the security in machines developed to prevent forgery. What they don’t realize is that banks and financial institutions no longer are liable for problems if the company or individual writing those checks doesn’t show considerable effort in preventing such an occurrence.

My ancient check writer (patented in 1898 by the Todd Co.), my former employer’s predecessor, lays down a more forgery- proof amount on a check than any laser printer known to mankind. We may not offer the latest in check protection equipment and accessories, but the safest and most secure.

We’re the only company in the world that does what we do - manufacture the custom accessories for every brand of forgery deterring equipment.

Our customers from around the globe come to us for their specific needs and we are proud to be BBB accredited.”

In addition we guarantee to match or beat any offer made by our competition.

Terry Gersey

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Owner & President
Terry Gersey

Please feel free to call me on our toll free line, 800-342-6444, if you have any questions concerning an order. With over forty years’ experience in the check protection industry, I should be able to answer your inquiry or I can forward you to someone who can. I find it’s a lot easier to deal directly with my customers and eliminate five layers of middlemen who only cloud up the situation. Because we deal with all the companies in our industry, we are familiar with the problems and possible solutions available to you. We know the questions to be asked, to get what you need – the first time, at a fair price, and with a quick turnaround.




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